Kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Classes

Tigers Lair's Kids Brazilian Jiu-jitsu classes are a fun and exciting way to teach your child the important life skills and work ethic they need as they grow into successful young adults and beyond. If you want a fun-filled way to boost your child's confidence, help them gain self-discipline, and teach them to respect themselves, look no further than Kids Martial Arts at Tigers Lair. 


Our Kids Martial Arts program helps children develop confidence, respect, courage, and discipline, Parents and teachers will notice a huge difference in your child's attitude and behavior from the first week!

Teen & Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
This program provides some of the most comprehensive and effective instruction available in the United States. Known for its success in sport Jiu-Jitsu competition, the adult program has been developed and fine-tuned over the past 10 years. It continues to evolve to provide students with the technique that is relevant to today’s standards and applicable for any life situation. This is a program with proven results and is focused on developing students not only physically, but mentally as well. With a wide variety of classes from beginners to competition training, our program fits all lifestyles and schedules.
As in all sports, Judo has a strict set of rules that governs competition and ensures safety. For those who want to test their skills, Judo offers the opportunity for competition at all skill levels, from club to national tournaments, to the Olympic Games. There are separate weight divisions for men and women, and boys and girls. Judo is best known for its spectacular throwing techniques but also involves considerable grappling on the ground utilizing specialized pins, control holds, arm locks, and Judo choking techniques. Judo emphasizes safety, and full physical activity for top conditioning. Judo is learned on special mats for comfort and safety.
K30X HIIT MMA Training

Tighten your waist, flatten your stomach, tone your arms and thighs and learn to kick some butt with our 30 minute MMA, Kickboxing workout! At Tigers Lair our classes are always high energy and action packed! Instead of dreading the next time that you have to go to the gym, you’ll be wishing your 30 minute fitness kickboxing class wasn’t over! What sets us apart is that our coaches are trained martial artists so not only will you get an amazing workout but you’ll actually learn how to punch and kick the correct way in case you need to defend yourself!

Never taken a kickboxing class before? That’s okay! Everyone can enjoy our classes regardless of their age or experience. The best part is that you’ll never have to worry about being the new person because we always have people coming in to see what all the hype is about! If you are still a bit unsure, you can always bring a friend to come and try it out with you.


Fun and never boring! Our creativity will keep things fresh and we’ll keep you on your toes! A K30X class is the most fun you can have while sculpting a lean and mean physique.


Want your body to become trimmed and toned? Our classes are designed to help you do just that! We work on the areas that you want to “tighten up”!


Pumpin’ music! Our instructors choose music that will get you in the groove and ready for action. We’ll get you warmed up for a bag centered training session that involves body weight calisthenics and cardio conditioning.


At Tigers Lair we want to see how lean and mean you can be! Our only objective is to help you achieve your fitness goals and give you the motivational support need to do so.


Calisthenics help to develop your strength, energy, and agility levels while cardio will really get your heart pumping!
Our kickboxing classes incorporate many different exercises involving partner drills, heavy bags, pads, and muscle toning.